To some, the difference between a 32 round mag and 30 round magazine may not be a point to consider when purchasing or using a new firearm. However, you may think otherwise when you understand the importance of which magazine is feeding ammo to your gun and the difference in performance it can have.

When you’re evaluating which magazine you want for your rifle, like all things “firearms”, you need consistency and reliability. A poor quality magazine can lead to malfunctions like feed failures, double-feeds, or worse if the spring is off by a few hundredths of an inch. Whether you’re shooting professionally, recreationally, or for self-defense, reliability is key.

Toolman Tactical 32 Round Lightweight Magazine

While the differences between a 32 round mag and a 30 round magazine may appear to be subtle, the Toolman Tactical 32 Round Magazine is one of the most reliable, durable, and functional mags on the market today.

The Toolman Tactical 32 Round Magazine holds 2 more round than most 30 round magazines. While there are 2 more rounds, size and weight are not sacrificed. Maintaining the industry-standard size makes loading seamless and compatible with your AR-15 or M-16 just like a 30 round magazine would. This is possible because the Toolman mag features a No-Tilt follower design that is more compact than other brands.

When it comes to design, Toolman Tactical’s 32 round magazine may seem similar to others at first sight, but it was created with simplicity in mind. Its design was created for field stripping, which makes it easier to take apart and reassemble. The Toolman Tactical 32 Round Lightweight Magazine also has a unique two tone texture. The smooth texture at the top allows for a rapid and smooth insertion while the textured bottom offers a textured grip surface so you don’t lose control while reloading. 

In addition to more rounds and an innovative design, Toolman’s 32 Round magazine functions flawlessly with both brass and steel case 5.56/.223 ammunition. And while most other leading brands have difficulty with reliable functionality with the .300 blackout cartridge, Toolman’s magazine maintains its performance.

When deciding to go for a 32 round mag or a 30 round magazine for reliability, surability, and ease of maintenance, the Toolman Tactical 32 Round Magazine should be at the top of your list. 

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