Detachable magazine firearms are a hot commodity for their ability to provide an adaptable feeding system for weapons. They allow more loaded ammunition and can hold a wide variety of capacities. An X-products drum magazine gives you the convenience of a detachable magazine with a longer shooting experience from a 50 round drum.

If you’re looking to feed your beast (or beasts!), we have the perfect drum for you from X-Products.

X-15 Skeleton 50 Round Drum

The X-15 Skeleton 50 Round Drum is an exceptional choice for your AR15 or M16 Rifle. It uses a proven coil magazine technology that allows side by side staging of ammunition in a single stack. The X-15 can operate for an almost unlimited number of spring loads and can even perform in weapons with capabilities of up to 1100 rounds per minute. This is due to the patent-pending tension relief device found in the X-products drums.

The streamlined design allows for zero separation of the ammunition during operation, which prevents malfunctions. This design also grants an exceptionally compact profile. The X-15 is shorter than a standard 30 round magazine and three inches shorter than a quad stack magazine. The skeletonized drum also showcases the ammo as you carry your rifle, and allows you to detect when you’re about to run out of ammo.

The user-friendly ergonomics and ability to use a sling makes this magazine ideal for 3-gun competitors. Manufactured from the highest grade materials, it has unparalleled reliability and strength. The critical components of the mechanism are coated in Cerakote for friction reduction and proven reliability without the need for lubrication.

To top it off, X-Products offers a lifetime warranty to guarantee your satisfaction.

X-25 Standard 50 Round Drum

Looking for serious firepower in a small package? The X-25 Standard 50  Round Drum is ideal for all .308 AR10’s that accept an SR25 magazine. The X-25 is capable of up to 850 rounds per minute when attached to a full automatic rifle. It feeds ammunition in a spiral using circular tracks out of the front and rear of the magazine, ensuring your ammunition will never skip or jam.

Built primarily from aluminum and steel, the X-25 is made for unparalleled function and rigidity. The streamlined design also allows for no separation of ammunition during use, preventing malfunctions and lending to its compact design. The profile is comparable to a standard 20 round magazine.

The magazine includes a lifetime warranty and instruction manual

X-25 Skeleton 50 Round Drum

If you’re craving more firepower at the range with a sexy skeletonized design, the X-25 Skeleton 50 Round Drum is the way to go. It fits AR-10 style rifles chambered in .308 Winchester with a 50-round capacity. Constructed from steel and plastic, the X-25 HXP loads easily and fires swiftly with capabilities of 850 rounds per minute.

The new X-25 HXP skeletonized 50 Round high capacity magazine not only includes our new Hexagonal P pattern, but it is also one of our lightest AR style drum magazine.

The outermost row of bullets in the spiral are almost completely visible during operation, allowing that brass to shine as it moves toward discharge. Additionally, the Skeletonized HXP pattern ensures you know when you are running low on ammo.The 3-dimensional cuts also add a look of badassery, if we do say so ourselves.

To purchase any of the X-Products drum magazines mentioned in this post, or to shop more magazines and other products, visit our site and find the parts you want to trick out your rifle.