News report courtesy of Gun Owners of America.

Written by Erich Pratt
Published: 25 March 2021

“Today, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit agreed with GOA on bump stocks.

That’s right. The appeals court reversed an earlier district court decision which had denied GOA’s motion for a preliminary injunction.

This means that for the first time … anywhere in the entire country … a court has sided with a pro-gun organization against the ATF on their bump stock ruling which classified bump stocks as machine guns.

This occurred yesterday when an appeals court agreed with GOA.”

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Are Bump Stocks Legal Again

Bump Stocks Legal Again?

Sixth Circuit Court Agrees with GOA

March 25, 2021 // “It is not the role of the executive—particularly the unelected administrative state—to dictate” the terms of criminal law” – The 6th Circuit.”

Currently, we are still uncertain of what this means for the future of bump stocks, but this ruling is a step in a positive direction.  Sign Up to receive notifications and updates on bump stock news.