Have you ever wondered just how many different types of firearms manufactured in the United States? It can be very confusing because so many politicians, lawyers, and agents provide their firearm classes declaration. As law-abiding citizens, we all need to know the laws to ensure we’re not out there breaking the law.

If you’re one of many American citizens out there who are confused by the legislation, we found this incredible video online to help explain. The following video from Firearms Unknown on YouTube will provide a simple and clear understanding of the types of firearms and the classification they land. The video showcases different types of firearms and the differences between each. As you can tell, even when the laws are described so elementary, it still can be challenging to know where you stand.

Cartoon Video Tells It Like It Is (spoof)

The video from Firearms Unknown is fantastic, showcasing ATF Agent Richard Beazit, as he speaks at the NRA.

“Why are gun owners such cry babies? The law isn’t hard, you’re just not believing hard enough. Get harder, with me, Agent Richard Beazit.”

The video then perfectly illustrates the asinine and arcane intricacies of ATF designations and rulings. Pistols become an AOW with some accessories, yet remain pistols with others. Our agent can’t discern a rifle from an SBR from an AOW.

The video even heads to the finish on a high note, pointing out shoelaces. The ATF agent first presents the shoelaces as being safe and harmless, then quickly switching them to a machine.

“You know, I’ve been working for the ATF for a while and that’s a real thing. You can really have shoelaces be machine guns. And that’s why we determined that shoelaces can in fact be machine guns. That’s just something that we do down here. That’s how we get things done.”