When it comes to the rifle or shotgun that shooting enthusiasts use, there are upgrades that can make substantial impacts to turn a standard firearm into a greater one. These upgrades can enhance shooting performance in the field, and let’s face it: Every gun enthusiast wants to be better.

Two upgrades that can turn your firearm from bang to BOOM is replacing the stock and grip. Upgrading these two components with parts that are specifically designed to embellish a shooter’s efficiency is the reasonable thing to do if you’re looking for increased accuracy. Lucky for you, we have you covered.

War Dog Industries is a U.S. Army Veteran family business founded by a passion for custom firearms products, and if you’re still reading this, their Billet Rifle Stock and Grip is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

War Dog Industries Billet Rifle Stock

A good stock should do three things: Allow the shooter a repeatable point of contact in relation to the rifle’s aiming device, provide rock-solid support, and allow the shooter to control the rifle to enhance their ability to hold the rifle perfectly still for the shot. The War Dog Industries Rifle Stock accomplishes all this with ease.

Made from high grade aircraft aluminum sourced in the US, the Billet Rifle Stock is lightweight and provides superior balance and ergonomics. It was built to help control the rifle by reducing the weight while providing enough support for increased functionality and overall performance.

Not only does the skeletonized pattern contribute to the reduced weight, but it also gives it a unique, slick, and minimalistic look. With comfort in mind, the Billet Rifle Stock remains super tough while providing a comfortable feel on the shoulder.

Unlike wood stocks, the War Dog Industries Billet Rifle Stock is stronger and less prone to chips and scrapes. Its durability is substantial; this can’t be said about wood stocks which are easily susceptible to cracking or breaking. It also provides a sharper look than the typical matte appearance from composite or synthetic stocks.

If you’re looking for one of the lightest stocks on the market that doesn’t sacrifice strength, the War Dog Industries Billet Rifle Stock is the way to go.

War Dog Industries Billet Rifle Grip

Even if you are a novice shooter, common sense tells us the more control you have of your firearm, the better your accuracy is. The War Dog Industries Billet Rifle Grip provides a strong connection that is extremely lightweight without compromising structural integrity.

It is CNC machined from a single piece of aerospace grade 6061 aluminum and has a textured back strap for additional grip support. If you are an old fashioned wood traditionalist, it may be time to consider upgrading. The Billet Rifle Grip gives you greater control over your firearm during rapid and automatic firing than more traditional materials.

When shooting with the Billet Rifle Grip, rest assured, your hand will sit comfortably and will allow you to shoot confidently with its ergonomic design. It is lighter than most grips currently on the market and gives the shooter greater maneuverability with a lighter rifle. This is ideal for competitive shooting, tactical activities, and scenarios that require extended carrying times.

Despite its lightweight, the Billet Rifle Grip is extremely durable. The skeletonized pattern assists in the light weight build while also giving it a sleek look that becomes the focal point of your rifle.