Why launch soda cans instead of drinking them? Because you CAN!

The X Products Can Cannon Soda Launcher is designed to launch soda cans and other similar sized objects such as clay birds, paint cans, t-shirts, among fits of laughter and tons of fun. 

Needing some field practice for sports? Done. Want to wear your dog out? Stuff a tennis ball in there. Projectile options are only limited by your creativity. However, when used with standard mil spec blanks and fired at an optimum angle, it can reach an average distance of 105 yards!

Don’t worry about destroying delicate objects either. The X Products Can Cannon uses a proprietary gas ported barrel and pressure tube to reduce the exposure to high pressure gasses which could destroy relatively delicate projectiles.

The Can Cannon comes as a charging handle for your AR-15 lower receiver and snaps right into place on your existing lower. You use the same mil-spec or other compatible handles and bold and carrier you would expect on any other AR. A hollow stem takes place of a barrel with copious ports on the sides to let the gasses of the blank pour out and is capped off at the end in order to build pressure behind the can without blowing directly on it. When loaded, the can rests just above the capped stem.

After firing your X Products Can Cannon, load a new soda can (or whatever you’re using), and rack the charging handle to eject the spent case and strip a fresh cartridge from the magazine into the chamber for your next shot.

THE BATFE approved design is not considered a destructive device or firearms, and is completely legal! 

The X Products Can Cannon Package includes the Can Cannon, Launcher Cups, blanks, and Grappling Hook and Fishing Spear. You can also buy a pack of 3 launcher balls separately for $19.95, as well as blanks for $48.11. 

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