What’s it like to have the ability to fire more without the hassle of reloading, you ask? Providing an adaptable feeding system for weapons gives you more freedom and convenience to shoot more at a longer range, and who doesn’t want that?

If you’re looking to upgrade your magazine, Black Dog Machine Magazines have several options to put your name in the game.

Black Dog Machine S&W M&P 15.22 50 Round Drum

Black Dog Machine - 50 Round Drum

The Black Dog Machine S&W M&P 15.22 50 Round Drum is built with an interchangeable feed tower that allows you to easily replace your old drum without having to buy extra parts to make it work. Not only does this Black Dog Machine Magazine feature a modular design for easy configuration, but the polycarbonate PC construction withstands heat and wear for durability and long service life.

With the ability to hold 50 rounds, your ability to shoot more increases your chances of hitting your target. The Black Dog Machine S&W M&P 15.22 50 Round Drum comes with an extra dummy stack elastic and requires Federal, CCI/Blazer, American Eagle round-nosed ammunition.

Black Dog Machine AR-15 .22 Conversion Kit Magazine

Black Dog Machine - Magazines

Featuring translucent polycarbonate, the Black Dog Machine AR-15 .22 Magazine allows you to see how much ammunition is remaining in the magazine. This Black Dog Machine magazine has highly reliable feeding to reduce jams and errors.

The magazine is sonic welded, which means reduces the weight associated with screws or brass. Some known-compatible conversion units, rifles, and dedicated uppers include Ciener/Atchisson, Model 1 Sales, Kriss 22LR, Spikes Tactical, Tactical Solutions, and more.

Black Dog Machine Ruger® 10/22® 50 Round Drum

Black Dog Machine - 50 Round Drum

This Black Dog Machine lets you shoot 50-round strings of .22 LR ammunition for plenty of plinking fun. No modifications are needed when it comes to the Black Dog Machine Ruger® 10/22® 50 Round Drum; simply snap the mag into your firearm just like the standard factory magazine. 

The tough, impact-resistant polycarbonate body and follower are self-lubricating to provide uniform feeding for consistent operation using constant-force. While the steel hex screws are anchored into brass bushings securely to hold the body together for exceptional strength and rigidity, they are also easily removed for disassembly and cleaning.

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