Black Dog Machine Tactical Magazines

Black Dog Machine is a leader in manufacturing high capacity magazines for the Ciener/Atchison©, Spike’sTactical©, Tactical Solutions, and Olympic Arms .22 uppers and kits. (The Olympic Arms is commonly called the M261 .22 LR conversion kit). BDM offers high capacity magazines for the WASR AK/22-AKT98 and RPD dedicated .22 rifles as well as rebuild parts for UZI .22 caliber magazines and many more. RW Arms focuses specifically on the 50 round drums for the AR-15 and 10/22 platforms.

BDM 50 round drums feature an interchangeable feed tower. You can easily disassemble the drum, slide your tower out, and replace it with the new Black Dog feed towers. All Black Dog drums are plug-and-play for semi-auto use. They do not guarantee that the drum will work in full-auto setups. Many customers report they can get the drum to work in full auto with a little fine-tuning because of quality.

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