Elftmann Tactical Trigg

Elf Tactical Easy-Install Rifle Triggers

Elf Tactical manufactures high-performance drop-in triggers for AR-15 and AR-10 rifles.  Featuring aerospace grade sealed bearings and adjustability, these triggers are like nothing on the market. Installation is very simple and easy with no need for special tools for installation.  Their modular ELF AR-15 drop-in trigger is available for multiple shooting applications. They feature a large selection of specific triggers so you can find the perfect trigger.

Competitive and professional shooters can rely on Elftmann Tactical triggers because they have some fantastic features. They feature amazingly short takeup, crisp breaks, and next-to-zero over-travel. Users can compare the best triggers in the industry because of the quality of Elf Tactical triggers. Adjustability puts you in charge because if you are looking for the best adjustable trigger for your AR-15, Elftmann has a system for you.

Without removing the trigger, pull weight is quick and easy to adjust in seconds. Each AR- 15 drop-in trigger system is strong and light because of the hardened A2 tool steel and lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum.


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