FosTech AR-15 Triggers

Binary Rifle Triggers

Developing high-quality gun parts and accessories, FosTech is a premier firearm brand. They specialize in AR-15 accessories and manufacture various parts like uppers, receivers, bolt carrier groups, and Echo II and Echo Sport triggers.

Binary Triggers groups were made famous in the firearms industry by FosTech because not many manufacturers were developing these. They offer a unique and incredible firing experience because of Echo Mode. Shooters can release rounds on the pull and release. Shooters can fire rounds downrange much safer, faster, and accurately because of the great design. It’s essential to stay on target because that’ll ensure consistent shots every time.

100% American-made products developed by a family-owned company. Taking great pride in the US Military, they come from a line of American heroes that have served. The company is now home to veterans and civilians alike. Craftsmanship shines in every part because of the attention to detail.

Fostech strives to bring new and innovative products using the most cutting-edge of technology.

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