MJS Magazine Release Buttons for Fast Reloads

MJS Performance is a manufacturer located in the United States that manufactures intricate metal parts for various projects. When building our rifles, we look everywhere to find the best and most unique parts. Rifle parts that stand out and provide a function that increases rifle performance.

MJS Performance developed an extended magazine release in a few different releases. Instantly change your rifle magazine and keep your rifle downrange. Drop your magazine in the middle of a shooting session quickly and accurately because it keeps you on target. The magazine release is manufactured with state of the art CNC Machinery and made from Billet 6061, and available in a few different colors. Machined beveled edges showcase the extensive detail built into these magazine releases.

The magazine releases that MJS develops are four times larger than the factory magazine buttons. That gives you a large surface area for quick and easy magazine reloads. Release the magazine without reach, depression, and reduced slip with their ergonomic design. Their releases weigh under .12 ounces and feature an easy bolt-in installation on AR-15 and AR-10 Rifles.


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