War Dog Industries Advanced Rifle Components

War Dog Industries is a U.S. Army, Veteran-family ran business founded by a passion for custom firearms products and unrivaled customer support. WDI manufacturers specific parts for many rifles, but specializes in AR15 and M16 rifles, designed to add style and performance to your firearm. Many of the upper receivers and pistol grips they manufacture and develop come with select options to make something truly custom.

WDI sets out to create the lightest, most ergonomic parts on the market without compromising the piece’s structural integrity and quality. With their Research and Development, the operator will not have to compromise form over function because of great design. Their products are CNC machined and precision-built for accuracy and performance because it matters most. All WDI parts instantly give the operator the confidence needed in any weather or scenario. The ergonomic design and attention to detail maintains the lightweight build’s consistency and feel. When you’re searching for a stellar rifle part and component, WDI is a solid choice because of their experience.

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