X-Products High-Capacity Drum Magazines

High-Capacity Drum Magazines

X Products innovates, designs, and manufactures high capacity drums for Law Enforcement, Military, and sport. The X-Products’ High Capacity Drum Magazines are available on multiple platforms. Quality is evident because every High Capacity Drum Magazine features aircraft-grade aluminum. CNC Machine and a Cerakote® finish ensure you will never need to use the lifetime warranty.

X-Products is famous in the firearms industry because it creates quality high capacity drum magazines. They offer their magazines in several different colors and various body styles. X-Products is an industry leader in creativity, innovation, and quality. Every drum feeds ammunition in a spiral with circular tracks, CNC milled out of the magazine’s front and rear. These mechanics will ensure the bullet will never skip or jam because of malfunction. The 50 round drum magazines are the most rugged, compact, and visually appealing magazines on the market. Their continued commitment to evolving the AR-15 platform paved the way for the full line of rifle mags and accessories.

Innovating through design, X Products believes fun should also be at the core of recreational shooting. Every product they manufacture is machined and assembled by American hands. X Products is proudly changing the landscape of 9MM, 5.56, and 7.62 rifle platforms because of their experience.

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