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Slide Fire SBS Black Bump Stock

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Slide Fire SBS Bump Stock

Stock built from a high-strength polymer material for maximum durability.
Bump Fire Switch: Simply turn the Lock Switch to set the stock to standard trigger pulls or bump fire.
Interface Block patented mounting systems are the key to bump fire capabilities.
Tactical styling, versatility, reliability, accuracy and safety.
Installs easily with no permanent modifications on most standard AR-15 rifles equipped with a carbine style buffer tube (milspec preferred).
Installs using screw and washer provided with pistol grip.


Bump Stocks: Understanding the Controversy and Legal Developments

Bump stocks are firearm components or accessories that enable semi-automatic rifles to replicate the firing rate of fully automatic weapons. This description explores the controversy surrounding bump stocks, their functionality, and the legal landscape. Initially gaining attention due to their use in high-profile shootings, bump stocks were banned by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) in 2018. However, in a landmark decision on June 14, 2024, the Supreme Court overturned this ban, ruling that the ATF overstepped its regulatory authority. Discover the implications of this ruling, the arguments from both sides of the debate, and the ongoing impact on Second Amendment rights and gun legislation in the United States. Stay informed with the latest updates and expert analysis on bump stocks and firearm regulations.




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