Delta Kwik Mil Spec A2 Rapid Removal Handguard Tool

After being in the firearms business for several years, Dubby Carr invented the Delta Kwik tool trying to simplify the process of removing the Mil-Spec A2 Hand Guard from an AR15. You know, it either almost fell off or 45minutes’ later you just gave up. A lot of tries and a year and a half later a prototype was built. We now have a tool that allows you to remove a Mil-Spec A2 Hand Guard in 5 seconds or less.

How Delta Kwik works

Delta Kwik, the AR15 Rapid Removal Handguard Tool that allows you to remove any hand guard that utilizes the delta ring from any Mil-Spec AR in 5 seconds or less. Delta Kwik’s base easily slips into the Mag-well of the AR. With one turn of the handle ring, it compresses and holds the delta ring down allowing for the easy removal of the hand guard. The tool can be left in place or removed for cleaning or upgrading the AR with ease. Great for private gun owners, gun shops, law enforcement and military.