The X-25 HXP 50 Round AR 10 High Capacity Magazine for AR .308 and SR-25 rifles offers serious firepower in a small package – And it has our new X-25 HXP Skeletonized pattern!

Every X Products 50 Round High Capacity Magazine feeds ammunition in a spiral using circular tracks that are CNC milled out of the front and rear of the magazine, ensuring your ammunition will never skip or jam. The X-25 HXP is capable of up to 850 rounds per minute when attached to a full auto rifle. Almost all jamming or firing issues exist because of operator error. Watch our instructional videos for proper loading techniques.

The NEW X-25 HXP skeletonized 50 round AR 10 high capacity magazine not only includes our new Hexagonal P pattern, it is also one of our lightest weight AR style drum magazine. The X-25 Skeletonized HXP pattern drum is a .308 caliber 50 round drum built of the highest grade materials to give it unparalleled function, and rigidity. Engineered using our proven coil magazine technology, which allows side by side staging of ammo in a single stack. The streamlined design allows for no separation of ammunition during function, preventing malfunctions and lending to its compact design. Our patent pending tension relief device allows the X-25 HEX to operate nearly unlimited spring loads, allowing it to operate in weapons with capabilities 850 rounds per minute. The profile is comparable to a standard 20 round magazine. Easily loads and unloads by operating the front operating wheel. The magazine includes a lifetime warranty and instruction manual. Currently available in black.

Constructed from Cast Aluminum, this AR 10 High Capacity Magazine features a Hexagonal Skeletonized Pattern so you can show off your AR 10 or SR-25 in style! The outermost row of bullets in the spiral are almost completely visible during operation, allowing that brass to shine as it moves toward discharge. Additionally, the Skeletonized HXP Pattern ensures you know when you are running low on ammo.


  • DPMS
  • Bushmaster
  • POF
  • C-Products
  • Fulton
  • Knights
  • JP Rifles
  • Remington R-25
  • PWS
  • LWRC
  • Sig Sauer 716
  • Ruger Precision Rifle and most other LR-308 rifles that take the Magpul style SR-25 .308 magazine
  • Will fit basically all LR-.308 AR10’s that accept a SR25 magazine.
  • *Will function with 6.5 Creedmoor as well.